Rescued from the Dream

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

Two films that I love are What Dreams May Come (1988) and Inception (2010), because they manage to describe the concept – better than any other movies, I think – of rescuing someone from their entrapment in a lower dimension.

This world has a way of hypnotising us, making us think it’s real. We get attached to it, and forget that we are much more than our bodies. We fall into negative energy and fear, thinking we deserve to be separated from others, to be punished.

In What Dreams May Come, Chris (played by Robin Williams) travels to hell to save his wife Annie, who has recreated in her mind a decrepit version of her former life. In Inception, Cobb (played by Leonardo diCaprio) travels back into limbo to save the Japanese magnate Saito, who waits eternally in an imagined room, for something he can’t even remember.

In both movies, the protagonist faces a grave danger, that he too might forget, might become hypnotized, might get stuck in that lower dimension. Time is strictly of the essence.

We all get stuck. We all eventually call out for help. And when we do, the universe sends someone to guide us back.

We just need someone to remind us to ask for assistance.

“So long as we are immersed in body consciousness, we are like strangers in a foreign country. Our native land is omnipresence.” –Paramhansa Yogananda

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