People Can Drain You

“The ego doesn’t know that the source of all energy is within you, so it seeks it outside.” –Eckart Tolle

Our ego needs constant energy from somewhere, but since it doesn’t know where it comes from, it takes its energy from others.

Most of us go to music, or movies, or wherever energy has been stored for our comsumption. But life isn’t just about entertainment. We can’t look at our cellphones All Day Long. “Somehow, in some way,” thinks the ego, “I am going to get that energy.”

The problem is, the ego’s bucket is full of holes. Whatever energy it gets, it quickly loses. When we don’t reinvest it in our inner selves, we take energy and then let it leak out. In effect, the ego takes your energy and throws it away.

Ego-based people take your energy, then come back for more. You give them a compliment and then, two minutes later, they’re fishing for another one. Then they’re pulling you into their drama. You try to help, but for some reason the “problem” never gets resolved. That’s because the “problem” isn’t an outside problem… it’s an energy problem, and you’re the battery.

And until we’re able to block up the holes in our own buckets, we’re basically doing the same thing to others. We’re stealing… because we have to.

Then we start to age, and recognize the need to conserve our energy. This leads us eventually to seek out the source of energy. We start treating ourselves better. We start meditating. We learn how to Fill – and Patch – Our Own Buckets. We also start hanging out more with people who don’t need our energy. They, too, have started to find the fountain within.

And being around healty people, you just feel filled with energy all the time. I wonder why.

I guess it’s because we finally get to keep ours.

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