Listening From Within

There’s a wonderful story about the great jazz pianist Bill Evans. One day, after a concert, a fellow pianist came up to him and asked him to demostrate a certain innovative chord he had heard during the show.

“I won’t tell you, because that would rob you of the ecstatic pleasure of discovering it yourself,” was his reply.

As I work on listening more and more to the Universe, trying to understand What It Wants Me To Do, I am faced with the idea that it makes it so hard for me to know my life’s path in advance… just so that I can develop the ability to listen better… to listen for its guidance and experience the joy of working in tandem with this beautiful force.

It reminds me of Linguini, in the movie Ratatouille, learning to cook with the rat Remy under his hat, guiding his movements. At first it’s a disaster, arm jerks and over-extensions; then, as the young assistant starts to respond faster to specific hair tugs, he becomes a master chef, the star of the restaurant.

Like Linguini, we have to get better at responding to the Universe’s proddings and suggestions. And to do so, we have to learn to listen better. Thus it becomes very important to develop a relationship with – and respect for – our own inner guidance. 

It’s as if the Universe were saying, “I am here whenever you’re willing to listen. I will tell you whatever you need to know, at the right time. If I simply told you what you were supposed to do in advance, you’d miss the joy of discovering it from within.”

We just need to remember to ask within.

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