From Push to Pull

Our egos build up by pushing: pushing others, pushing itself, pushing the world. It connives, it schemes, it plays hardball; my way or the highway. It gets everything it wants. Or so it seems.

The soul, instead, gets its strength from the Universe. But the Universe is different. It can’t be pushed. It doesn’t play the usual games of tit-for-tat, chicken, you-owe-me. It stubbornly withholds its bounty from us…

…until we learn to pull.

“Pulling” means asking, asking humbly, then waiting. Pulling means trusting. Pulling means knowing that what you need is coming to you, eventually. Pulling means getting everything you ever wanted… without pushing at all.

Talk about a 180!

It’s as if we get everything we need going down the first stretch of Circus Maximus, then get to the end and realize that a) we’re only halfway to the finish line, and b) the rules for the second stretch are completely different from the ones we followed on the first stretch. We turn the corner and suddenly… there’s nothing to push against anymore. In the material world, yes, the ego ruled… but when we’re ready for the next step, the ego is at a total loss.

Suddenly we need a new driver. Some higher part of us. The one who can feel what it is we’re missing. The one who’s pulled towards something Higher, something even more beautiful than the physical realm. Something is always missing, and only this Higher Part of Us knows where to find it.

Many never turn the corner, because it’s just too baffling a shift. No, we don’t have to earn, buy, trade for, or threaten for the love, help, and guidance we’re seeking. In fact, any of those actions block it entirely.

The second stretch is determined by how well we pull. And how much we pull is based on How Much We Trust.

To become good at pulling, we have to admit something to ourselves that our egos never told us: That We Are Worthy of Being Helped by the Universe. Yes, my friends, You too.

Just stop pushing so hard… and let The Wonder come to You.

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