Watering with Dog

The puppy just wanted to help, but every time she came close, she walked all over the young tomato plants. I just had to find a way to keep her at a distance.

I am just like that puppy.

Let’s backtrack. Lately I’ve been a little confused about my “role” in the world. I meet nice people, try to be open and helpful, feel we’ve made a good connection… and then wham! suddenly no more responses to messages, no answered calls, no contact. Ghosted!

Obviously, this has hurt me a great deal and made me wonder what it is I’m doing wrong. One or two people every now and then, OK, I get it… but so many, all in a row? (I wonder if anyone else has come up against this?)

So finally, I turned to The Universe and asked… “I don’t want to go through this anymore. Please explain it to me. Please teach me, correct me, whatever it takes.”

A day or two went by, then yesterday I was over at my friend Domenico’s farm, watering the baby tomato plants we planted a few weeks ago. I stop by every two days, due to the dry June we’ve been having, just to keep them alive. They’re up to about 6 inches tall now, still vulnerable, certainly grateful for the drink. And as usual, there’s his three-month old Great Pyranee puppy in front of his house, dying for attention. We have a special bond: I let her chew on me, I pet her, and she adores me. After our usual 10 minutes of slobberful cuddling, I leave her to get the hose, go over to the vegetable garden, and get down to business.

Now I’ll admit, it took me a few weeks to find a way to keep her away from the garden. The word “no,” the chasing away, the little fence–even putting her in my friend’s pick-up truck–nothing held her for long. Then my mom said, “Spray her with the hose.”

So yesterday I tried it… and it worked! Nemesy stayed over on her side of the garden, sitting calmly, watching me work. I was out of my head with joy, having found a way to be together without having to chase her away… then The Voice came:

“You, my friend, are just like that puppy. I understand you want to help Me, but every time you do, you ruin my best laid plans. That’s why I’ve had to spray you with the hose (meaning: have people you’re trying to “help” disappear on you).

You aren’t responsible for The Garden. I am. You can stay close to me all you like, but please stop thinking “you” have to help “others”…. Your “good intentions” just flatten my carefully tended plants.”

Yes, my friends, I got the message. No more trying to save others. I’ll just sit over here to the side and let You take care of the rest.

“You missed a spot.”


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