Dissatisfaction is Fuel

Something was always missing. We weren’t getting loved enough. There wasn’t enough salt. Someone left the shower curtain open. And it was always someone else’s fault, wasn’t it? We weren’t HAPPY, and we didn’t know why.

I think we all get used to, dare I say “addicted,” for some reason, to dissatisfaction. We get so used to being dissatisfied that we take it to be our “normal” state.

As I start to eliminate conflict and problematic people from my life, I am noticing that it’s not that easy to be satisfied. And I always thought that was a problem.

But there’s good news. The only way we’re going to find that easy-flowin’ life we’re looking for, that one-moment-at-a-time sense of wonder and presence, is thanks to this dissatisfaction. It’s such a useful tool, we ought to thank it. It’s like the bumpy meridian on the highway: it keeps us in the right lane. It drives us forward. It keeps us from returning to old ways, old strategies. It keeps us hungry for more.

And not stopping until we get it.

So the next time we’re dissatisfied, we should do more than accept it. We should be grateful. After all, not everyone gets it. I would even go so far as to say it’s a real privilege to have it inside us.

Otherwise, how else can the Universe guide us Home?

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