Having Your Own Back

Our Inner Child was often punished for speaking his truth. This made him very angry. He felt that everyone was either too small to understand him, or too hypocritical. He had to find a way to rebel. So he clammed up.

Maybe this was 10 years ago, maybe 40. Eventually, we become so tired of living the split life that we go back and find our Inner Child. We miss his playfulness. His honesty. His openness. His infallible intuition. We invite him to come out, we accept his rebuke, we coax him to bring his authenticity back to our lives.

So what was missing… all this time?

What was missing was that, when others ganged up on him, long ago, We Ourselves Did Not Protect Him. We agreed with the adults. We didn’t want to get sent to bed without supper, so we told the Inner Child that his opinions were wrong. We split apart from him and told him that he needed to change, or else… “or else” meaning… we weren’t going to be on his side.

And from that moment, the Inner Child became too frightened to come out. As a result, we all became frightened… yet didn’t understand why.

Yes, long ago we split ourselves in two because we didn’t know how to defend the Inner Child. To support him. To have his back. And then we spent the rest of our lives feeling abandoned.

Come back, Inner Child! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to protect you before. I was too small, too dependant. This time will be different.

This time I know what having you in my life is worth.

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