Seeing Our Shadow

There’s a saying that when two people really don’t get along – a father and son, for example – it’s because they’re so similar in character.

And it’s true, isn’t it? We tend to stay away from people who have our same defects. We see behind their tricks, maybe, or behind their masks. And this really bothers us.

But these are precisely the people the Universe throws our way. I remember one person leaving a group “because of Jerry.” When he came back a few months later, he declared “Remember my problems with Jerry? Well, where I work now, there are ten people like Jerry.”

And why would it be so important for us to be thrown in with people just like ourselves? Why does the Universe insist?

I’m starting to believe it’s so that we can eventually accept them, accept their behavior as just a coping mechanism, an innocent way of surviving… and finally… accept it in ourselves.

Yes, the real revelation – the one we didn’t want to see until we were forced to – is that the self-sabotaging behavior we’ve judged others for doing to themselves is in reality our own self-same mechanism. Otherwise, why would we judge it so harshly?

Yes, my friends, that thing we’ve hated about what they do… well, you guessed it. We’ve been unconsciously doing it to ourselves as well.

So welcome that friction, study that behavior in others and try to have compassion for those who rub you the wrong way.

It will allow for the beginning of your own inner riunion.

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