I learned a lot about courage watching the full moon the other night. It was a reddish color, and as it rose from behind the horizon I had this marvellous feeling in my heart, “Oh my gosh, it’s rising, but it’s totally… exposed.” Then, as it lifted over the hills, I lost my breath. “Look, there’s nothing beneath it! Look at you, Moon, you’re rising like a hot-air balloon!”

And I could feel the Moon’s sense of adventure in that moment, its sense of exhilaration… but mostly, what I felt was Its Supreme Lightness! It was like, This is the Moon’s life… just floating around.

All of this relationship with the Earth was, of course, my own playful invention. The moon didn’t come up from the ground, or detach itself from the ground. No, it’s more courageous even than that. It’s spinning in the middle of Space… In The Middle of Nothing!

I guess I’m starting to feel a kind of resonance with these simple things, things that are continuously saying to me, “You, sir, do not have control around here, but all the same… you are free-floating and protected, in your cushion of Space. Can’t you feel the lightness?”

I was sooo grateful for this wonderful, unexpected kiss. Will I ever see the moon in the same way again?

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