Reunion of Money and Spirit.

Once Upon A Time, two brothers became very wealthy, beyond their wildest imaginings. But no matter how weathy they became, the eldest brother was never satisfied. He always wanted more. The younger brother, on the other hand, enjoyed sunsets, strolling around town, and talking with the locals. He preferred a simple life, a life of contentment. For some reason, his older brother couldn’t allow this. He became very arrogant and cold towards his brother, accusing him of laziness.

He wanted his brother to become more like he was.

One day, the younger brother couldn’t handle this state of unhappiness any longer. He loved his brother so much, but seeing as how he was unable to communicate this happiness to him, he resolved to go out into the world, in search of The Great Happiness, a happiness he could bring back to his brother and save him.

He asked for his brother’s blessing for the voyage, but his brother wouldn’t give him permission to leave. He waited and waited for his brother to change his mind, but he never did. Eventually, the younger brother left anyway.

This was his first act of defiance.

Now, the world was vast and deep, and though he thought it would be a quick trip, it took the younger brother lifetimes and lifetimes to find the happiness he sought.

When he finally came back to his brother to show him the happiness he had worked so hard to acquire, he expected his brother to welcome him with open arms.

But his brother drove him away. He was still offended by his brother leaving, and he didn’t want that kind of happiness either. Even though he had taken the younger brother’s share of their fortune, he still wanted even more wealth.

So the younger brother lived as a pauper in the empty gardener’s quarters, and every day brought fruit and vegetables from the surrounding fields to his brother, who accused him of stealing his property. Even the few things the younger brother possessed, his brother took from him.

At first the younger brother was bitter. He couldn’t believe his brother wasn’t grateful for what he had brought home. Why didn’t his brother appreciate his struggle, his loyalty, his LOVE?

After some time, the younger brother came to accept that his brother was the way he was, and stopped trying to share his happiness with him. He turned sad, then cold, then detached.

Then one day, he realized he no longer believed he could change his brother. He bade him goodbye, and as he turned to leave, the older brother saw that, despite constant hostility and disloyalty towards his sibling, despite the fact that he didn’t feel worthy of being loved… his brother still loved him anyway.

This was the younger brother’s second act of defiance.

That was all it took. Yes, that was the day that both brothers discovered The Great Happiness.

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