Maintain the Gap

There is a gap when I wake up
between the world and me.

There is a calm awareness of Being
where “I” am not… yet.

In that gap, there is timelessness. Expansion. Openness.
Then the word “I” comes to me, and I’m back in the play
of limitation and worry.

The longer I can maintain that gap,
the gap between this awareness and “I”
(as in “I have to,” “I should,” “I am going to,” etc.)
the longer I feel content and peaceful.

So to maintain this sweetness
I do my duties
and try to keep away from those “I” thoughts.

Then things happen, great things, things “I” cannot do
(like writing these honest words of amazement)
but that are occurring anyway
with great simplicity and love.

Who can explain this?
“I” can’t
but this power within me
doesn’t need an explanation.
It just wants to BE.

And the only way it can BE
is if I maintain the gap
so it can work through me
without “I” getting in its way.

Then the light can shine through.

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