Lured Into Falling

You meet someone who has a good job and makes a lot of money. You couple up and become very happy, thinking your future will be easier together. Then they lose their job, and you become very disappointed. As tempting as it is to say, it’s not “their” fault.

You’ve simply been Lured Into Falling.

Over and over again, we try to play it safe, yet are lured into situations that are certain to make our lives easier… and instead they often makes it harder. Why is that?

Because the ego and the soul have different plans.

The ego’s plan is to control you every step of the way, buying your allegiance and giving you false promises. The soul’s plan is to help you see how controlled you are by the ego, so you begin to search for your soul’s liberation.

Easy solutions are like a mirage in the desert. Without the mirage, we wouldn’t have committed to reaching. Without reaching, without believing the ego’s promises, we wouldn’t have fallen. But falling is good. We become less dependent on band-aids and more dependent on our inner resources.

If it helps, immagine a wave and a trough. We can’t have one without the other; to produce a wave the ocean has to take water from somewhere… so it makes a “hole” in the ocean, a trough. The two are separated for only a moment.

So all the “easy solutions” your ego comes up with, from “winning the lottery” to “getting an extra vacation day” are paid for with “buying the lottery tickets” and “working extra hours without pay.” The water has to come from somewhere. The result is always flat, like the ocean after the waves pass.

Still, being lured into falling over and over again, constantly getting angry, then eventually getting disappointed… we finally realize that this is just the ocean’s way of moving and that in reality No Big Payout is ever going to be forthcoming. There is no Big Solution to all of life’s problems. The wave is never going to stay UP forever; there is no “happy-ever-after.” The main effect of all these roller-coaster rides is that we eventually lose our taste for up-and-downs, for dreams of perfect paradises, for illusions and delusions…. for waves.

This brings about a “sea-change”: we begin to look at The Big Picture, no longer just the surface of things. We lower ourselves in. We relax our grip, our control of outcomes. We let the surface do its dance, and let ourselves be lured instead by the Peace that comes from turning off the turmoil.

Is it worth it? Well yes, because one day we realize that We Are The Ocean Itself, always playing, always moving… and yet somehow – at the same time – never really changing at all.

So, like the ocean seen from the beach, we can fall and play and laught and dance close-up… AND yet along the horizon realize our total stillness, those waves just tiny movements on the surface of Our Being.

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