Lashed to The Stillness

There’s something very comforting, very sweet, about strapping yourself to the Unmoving. It looks like we’re becoming cruel, or detached, but in reality… we’re becoming beautiful. It means we are no longer letting ourselves be pulled into drama, into illusion, into imaginary problems and dreams. We resist the pull of Maya, illusion, finally.

We’re not listening to the sirens anymore.

It’s not boring to be lashed to The Stillness. Oh no no no. It’s bubbly, it’s electric. It’s like going 200 mph while standing still. You really need to hang on to it while the energy around you swirls and unfurls.

It’s like we’ve spending lifetimes scrambling along the face of a spinning disk, looking for a resting place, and then finally, finally, finally (whew!) arriving at The Still Center, the hole in the middle of everything. It’s finding that security, that solid ground, we’ve been looking for. We can stand still here, watch the world spinning around us, and yet remain peaceful and “centered.”

Of course you’ll strap yourself to it. Who wouldn’t?

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