You Are Not Limited!

You’re not limited, but you pretend to be limited. You surround yourself with people who also pretend to be limited, who help keep you thinking that you are limited, too.

These limitating thoughts hold us down for a reason. Until we’ve had enough of these small boxes, we don’t miss Our Unlimitedness enough to fight for it. Once the screws get turned hard enough, we’ll do anything to get out of them, these limiting relationships, jobs, comfort zones….

We miss Our Freedom!

No, You are not limited at all, but you are convincing yourself that you are being held by others in a condition of lack, of “not good enough,” of “I need someone to save me.”

A small warning: It’s not at all an easy thing to accept, when you finally see that you alone are the one who has been holding yourself down, that you’ve allowed yourself to be held down by others. You accepted the limiting conditioning of your parents, of your environment. Up to now, it’s been convenient to play The Victim, to say, “It’s not my fault,” “My father was mean to me,” “My boss won’t give me a raise.” We preferred this tack rather than to take the blame ourselves.

It’s like the guy holding onto a bush, screaming, “Help, this bush won’t let go of me!”

The truth is that You, great soul, are Doing This To Yourself, pretending to be small, limited, and afraid, when in fact you are Unlimited in every way.

To finally drop The Limitation Game, it’s not enough to “forgive” our parents, our society, or our friends, actors who only played a role to help tighten our bondage until we couldn’t/wouldn’t take it any more. Mostly… we must forgive ourselves.

Later, you’ll wonder how you could have ever been fooled for so long. Know that in reality, no one really got hurt. It was all done in a spirit of play: A play tailored for you, by you, a play (like any other) in which you acted out a limited role for a time on a stage. Are you ready to move on?

Forgiving ourselves. It’s the fastest way back to Unlimitedness.

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