Let Your Inner Wonderful Flow

Here’s an idea: let’s stop taking credit for things people compliment us for. Just say “I’m glad you like it,” and let it go.

Because every time we take credit for our good deeds, there are a hundred ways it can go wrong, starting with 1) thinking someone “owes” us something, 2) waiting for them to “repay” us, 3) lording it over them, 4) feeling proud of ourselves, 5) thinking we’re special… and on and on.

Instead, when we don’t take credit, we actually start doing good deeds for the right reason: because they make us feel good. This leaves the others free to respond in any way they please, with or without gratitude, and it’s no skin off our backs.

In fact, we even stop noticing the good we’re doing, as if it were coming from a higher part of ourselves.

This slow shifting from an ego-based credit system to a generosity-of-spirit system actually allows even more great stuff to come through us. How many times have you said exactly the right thing to someone… without even knowing what you were saying? This happens all the time, especially with my blogs. Someone comes up with a pearl of wisdom, and when I later thank them for it, they can’t even remember what they said. It just naturally flowed out of them, like a diamond.

It’s about finally letting our souls take the wheel.

Without that pesky “I” jumping in and taking credit for it, our innate wisdom, our Inner Wonderful is able to flow freely. No more balance sheets, no more sadness about imagined debts.

Yes, we all get to be great, but it’s especially easy when our “I” isn’t there. Goodness is our true nature, don’t let the “I” tell you any different!

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