You find your true Self in the friction

“A woman is like a tea bag,” said Eleanor Roosevelt. “You never know what’s inside until you put her in hot water.”

I would say the same for all of us.

Divinity shines in all of us, but can’t see Itself, or remember its glory, until it mixes it up with others. It’s the friction itself that wakes up You-The-Divine from Your dream. When life becomes unbearable, You eventually tire of it and want to go back home. That’s when You click your heels three times and ask to go back “home.”

A great saint said that your Divine Mother gives you all the toys you want, and watches you from a distance. Imagine a busy playground. You are playing with your friends. But when you tire of your toys, get hurt, or when your friends go home, you want your Mother again. When you cry out for her, She comes running to hug you. She was only waiting for your call.

So instead of avoiding them, be grateful for life’s hurts. Ease in slowly, remember to breathe, and don’t fight. There really is no other way to wake up!

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