The Inside Wins

Everything that we think is more important OUTSIDE of us than INSIDE of us is going to start testing us. It’s going to be taken from us. Whether it’s money, or fame, or responsibilities, it is going to be jiggled around… until we stop believing that we have control over it. Until we stop believing it’s more REAL than what’s going on INSIDE of us.

Until we stop loving it more than we love our inner selves.

Yes, it’s really important to the universe that you start giving your attention to your inside state. That you wake up and sit with yourself, and not think you have to worry about the world. And if you don’t do this, don’t worry. The world will make it easy for you.

It will torture you until you do.

We are meant to learn how to FOCUS our attention on How We Feel, on our inner connection to the Universe. The old loves start to dwindle. Whatever it is that takes our attention away from our inner state, the Universe , until we can’t take it anymore.

Got a girlfriend who makes you worry about her all the time? You are not meant to live this way, and you know that. So you leave her. The next girlfriend will be twice as bad. You’re not meant to find the easy route. You’re meant to Learn how to sit through difficult situations and still focus on your inner state, No Matter What.

Same with money. Don’t have enough? The world will make you wallow in your desperation for so long that you won’t care, in the end, how much you have. You’ll be so desperate for peace that you’ll accept any amount. The important thing is that you learn to maintain your connection to your inner happiness.

You remember Inner Happiness, don’t you? The one you had when you were a kid, when you were happy for no reason in particular. Before you got on the roller coaster and started worrying about everything else.

Yep, that’s the one: Your True Self.

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