The Devil Steals Your Good Qualities

We think you have good qualities, don’t we? We think Honesty, Clarity, Generosity, and Empathy are ours, but they’re not.

They’re Divine qualities.

We have to be careful. That sneaky Devil, our ego, wants to steal these and call them our own. It virtue signals, it judges others, it parades itself as being forthright, better than others.

It mimics those spiritual qualities, says the right words, makes the right gestures… then calls them its own.

No, these qualities are part and parcel of the Divine inside us, trying to come to the fore. And for a while, we allow our egos to pretend to have them.

But eventually the ego will be unmasked as the actor it truly is, we’ll come to a crossroads… and we will finally choose to follow the true owner of these attributes: our souls.

Yes, we will choose our souls, who never lorded these qualities over others, always quietly working behind the scenes, caring for others, giving without receiving, loving unconditionally.

We all make the same choice, eventually, after we discover that we don’t have to play-act anymore.

We actually ARE those qualities!

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