Don’t accept all “package” transfers

Today I saw two UPS trucks backed up, one to another, and I figured it was because they were transferring packages from one to the other. I thought this might be the best way to do it, instead of lowering them and raising them up again.

And as I saw this, laughing, I asked the Universe what the message was for me, personally. Here’s the message I received:

We humans transfer our little psychoses in the same way, from one person to the next, through the back (not through the front). Front to front is how we transfer our good qualities, which is to say, “I admire you,” “I want to be like you,” so I copy your good traits.

But in this case, I back up to you and show you my bad traits, and then I project them onto you. If you KNOW that these traits aren’t yours, then you don’t accept “the package.” Instead, if you aren’t sure, if you have some doubt as to whether or not you’re “selfish” or “arrogant,” and I project these onto you, and for some reason you accept them, I’m “free” of them for a little while.

So be careful around these carriers of bad “packages.” Don’t accept their garbage. Just keep making your rounds!

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