You have one job to do

I met another 75 year old today who was On The Go. He was happy to report that he had already run 10 km. by ten o’clock in the morning. When my friend and I answered, “Well then, you can take it easy for the rest of the day,” he quickly replied with a long list of appointments and errands that would make that impossible. His day was just getting started!

And while it sounded like bragging, underneath I could hear the usual excuses he was telling himself… reasons for escaping his unhappiness, for not living in the present moment. His ego was trying to convince his soul that He Was Too Busy to do the One Thing He Was Supposed To Do in this life: Listen to it, recuperate his inner child, face his inner demons, and find peace within.

Sure, it’s nice to be useful, to be occupied, but if you haven’t made friends with your soul yet, you’re 75 years old, and busy all the time… that’s not an excuse. Who are you trying to convince? We All Have One Job To Do: Find Our Higher Selves. Listen to It. Let It Breathe. Let It guide us.

We keep diddling our Souls until our dying breath, telling them we don’t have time. Your soul is so disappointed that you haven’t found time to value it, love it, and spend time with it like you used to. It’s waiting for you!

Start watching sunsets again. Meditating. Listening within. Remembering your divinity. Whispering to the Universe.

All we have is time.

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