Getting Pulled Away

Once, as I was complaining to my friend Mark, he interrupted me.

“Have you seen the way the wind moves those trees?,” he asked.

“Well, yes,” I replied. Then I promptly went on complaining.

“Because it’s so nice when you can see the sun flickering,” he continued.

“You’re right,” I said, and kept on complaining.

Then Mark stood up, saying something about an appointment, and walked off. About 40 yards away he stopped and talked with someone else for 10 minutes or so. All I could think was, “I blew it. I lost my chance to have a good talk with him.”

Now, this happened a few years ago, and I’ve always wondered… I admired what he did, but couldn’t understand: Mark didn’t try to correct me, or “fix” me, or even agree or disagree with me. He simply stood up and left. He got “pulled away.”

Only now am I able to make some sense of it, because it’s so primitive, so beyond words. I see that whenever there’s a vibrational imbalance between me and another, I find myself following my intuition again, after long last. I can no longer ignore my gut feelings. I don’t argue, explain, make excuses, change the context, or push back… Instead, something “unthinkable” happens.

My body stands up and moves away.

No blame. No discomfort. No explanation. No good guy or bad guy, no someone needing to be changed. Just like when we used to be at the playground and didn’t want to play anymore. We just up and left.

Yes, nothing to see here… just two vibrations holding their own space. It’s so simple, it’s almost too simple to notice.

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