Expanding beyond what we were taught was unlovable… pt.8


It’s crazy. That simple little voice inside that tells us what is lovable and what isn’t… the one that tells us to judge others… is simply our own ego trying to convince us that some parts of ourselves aren’t lovable… and thus, that WE ARE NOT WORTHY OF LOVE.

Rich/Poor, Loved/Abandoned, Popular/Obscure, Hard-working/Lazy, Honest/Dishonest, we have to love all the extremes… because you never know when you’re going to find yourself on the other side.

And your ego is counting on you to choose your sides, to cling to your “self-definition,” so that later, when the wheel turns and you find yourself on the other side of the equation (you get fired, you break up, you lose a loved one)… he can tell you that it’s your fault: you’re a failure, you’re a sell-out, you’re irresponsible.

So we’re constantly living in the fear that OUR OWN EGOS won’t approve of us. This drives us, yes… but more than anything, it drives us CRAZY.

The only way to take ALL the power away from the ego is to find a way to love ALL the parts of ourselves… especially the parts we’ve hidden away. That’s what life shows us. That’s what the people we hate are here to show us. What we haven’t been loving in ourselves. So don’t hate them. Love them. They’re showing us that part of us that still needs to be loved.

To love all of that… that’s the only way to make sure that the ego has no more fulcrum, no more leverege on us. Then, no matter what happens to us, we don’t spiral back into victim consciousness, into the “poor me” mentality, but instead… we simply stop listening to the ego.

Yes, the day we figure out that our “little self’s” self-definitions make us ripe picking for the ego, the minute we clearly see that our conditioning has been keeping us small, has been sabotaging us all along… we start clearing it away. We long to be free again… no matter what. No matter even if we don’t know who we are anymore…

“I’d rather be a free man in my grave, than living as a puppet or a slave.”
–Bob Marley

It’s funny. By loving whatever we or anybody else does, we finally free ourselves to love ourselves unconditionally. And we remember that the spark of LOVE that we’ve thought came from outside ourselves… that the ego told us we had to earn… was in reality inside ourselves all along. It’s our birthright.

We just forgot how powerfully BEAUTIFUL it was. It sits, small and innocent, just where we left it… like a seed waiting to sprout.

We return to that blessed state we were in, as children, where we trusted our souls and showed loyalty to it, listened to it, and loved it….

We leave that conditioned little “self” and return to the grace and joy of our real, eternally happy “Selves.”

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