Getting your horcruxes taken away

We spread our love out, like ivy putting down roots, into so many places. We tell ourselves we can’t get started on the spiritual path because I have this love for… my daughter, for example, or my best friend, or my aging parents (what will they do without me?). Our next thought is, I’ll take care of them first, then I’ll go forward.

The ego think this protects it from you being able to confront it. Look at all it’s doing to help you!

So what the Universe does, when it’s ready for you to move forward, is just start to cut away those roots. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself detatched from your daughter, or your friend, or your parents.

“But I really LOVE them!,” you exclaim. “How can this happen?!?”

So there’s this part of ourselves trying to “set up shop” here, trying to make this temporary existence solid, immortal, unshakeable… and it just doesn’t work. Things change, people leave, or die, or change allegiances… and the security we promised ourselves, that “indispensabile-ness” we thought would hold down the fort… starts to give way.

Later we see that we were simply making excuses, not ready yet for ascending to the next level…. Not ready to confront the ego, and let our souls SHINE.

In fact, by investing so much of OURSELVES into these people, or things (money, house, heirloom, home team, job, etc.), we’re just like the one who won’t be named, in the Harry Potter saga, trying to spread itself into many different pieces–hedging its bets, as it were–thinking that it will give security. Would the Universe really take away our roots, our sense of belonging?

Yes, my friends. It will.

But don’t worry, once Harry destroys ALL the horcruxes, he can finally live in peace, without an enemy. That’s all we want, isn’t it…?

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