Getting off the rollercoaster

Mindbender. Fury. Cyclone.

Once we’ve decided that we’ve had enough of drama, of the crazy ups and downs of tumultuous relationships, we might decide that it’s finally time to get down off of the rollercoaster.

But it’s not so easy. Not because the rollercoaster won’t stop. It’s because we’ve become addicted to the thrills. We liked going up and down. We liked the fear and the excitement.

Getting off the rollercoaster means getting used to the “same old, same old.” And that has to be enough to fulfill us, eventually. Our nervous system just can’t take it anymore. We long for something more stable… more fixed.

More present.

Now this sounds boring at first…. because it is. You will feel the pull of the rollercoaster, tugging at you, inviting you back for more. Why not just enter another toxic relationship? Why not engage in battle with your co-workers? Why not just respond angrily to someone who baits you?

Because you’ve lost the taste for it. You’re deciding that the present is more fulfilling, more relaxing… and yes, even more exciting. Living in the present is like being fifteen years old on your first date: your heart is racing, you’re afraid and thrilled and unsure and bold, all at the same time.

It’s like going back to that magic time where we didn’t know what was going to happen and it was OK.

So, I think the first step to getting off the rollercoaster is to admit to ourselves that we’ve become addicted to it. And then say… “I want something MORE in my life. I want a ride that actually takes me SOMEWHERE, and not just up and down and round and round.

“I want a new kind of thrill.”

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