The Magic Is Back

After years of rules and routines, we start to feel hemmed in by life. Are we ready to let the unexpected back in again?

Imagine yourself with a stone in your hand. The stone represents some future scenario you desire. You toss the stone into the future and walk towards it, but when you pick it up again, you see that it isn’t what you really wanted. Why is that?

Is it that the highest future we can come up with on our own is still TOO SMALL to bring us the kind of happiness we’re looking for?

If we’re honest with ourselves, what we want is something much, much BIGGER. But for that we have to make space. Space for the magic. The unknown. The mysterious. Something far beyond anything we can imagine.

What if we try something new? What if we ask the Universe what It wants, and then wait for Its response. Who knows what treasures It may bring?

At least it won’t be another rock, thrown ten feet ahead and bearing the same limitations we’ve been carrying all our lives.

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