Be still… and receive

My love overflowed, and it arrived on your doorstep.

You delighted in it. You bathed in it.

But somehow, sadly… you didn’t think you deserved it.

So you started doing things for me. Things I didn’t ask for. Things I didn’t need.

Then you started bargaining. You felt you needed to control my love. You imagined you could own it, keep it in a box.

You cajoled. You threatened. You withheld. You turned away.

You imagined that I took it away from you.

Dearest friend, you don’t have to earn this divine love. You don’t have to understand it, either. You don’t even have to share it.

All you have to do is just reach out for it with your heart… and receive it. No pleading. No begging. Just sit still and bathe in it. That’s all I ever asked.

Yes, everyone deserves this love, dear friend…. Now do you remember?

Yes, everyone deserves it. Especially you.

Especially today!

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