Following the Light


You’ve been on a train all your life. Most of the time, you were in the back, or the middle, of the train. Were you going in the right direction? You could never be sure. Where are you going? Who’s in control?

All that time, you knew you had to get to the front of the train. So you fought your way there, tooth and nail.

Now you’ve arrived. And you find out–as you look down, to your great suprise–that you don’t see a light switch. No, the light isn’t coming from the train at all. The Light is actually PULLING the train. Suddenly there’s no more doubt.

Now you finally see. All those circumstances of your life… they were being pulled towards you. All the friends, the enemies, the challenges… they were pulled towards you… on the tracks that represent your life, your growth, your awakening.

All this time, you were guided by the Light. Guided towards the Light.

Now… wasn’t that worth the effort to discover?

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