After all that running…

For all these years, you believed the ego. It insisted that you Do Do Do, Go Go Go. You never stopped. There was always too much to do.

But the ego had it all wrong. If – or when – you finally slow down enough to encounter a moment of true stillness, you get quite the surprise.

It’s not YOU who were ever in danger. Ever. No, it was only the ego who couldn’t stand, well… standing still. It needed danger, enemies, resentments, drive. Like a shark, without moving, the ego just couldn’t survive.

If you take some time getting to know the stillness, you start to let go of all those confusing forces. Their urgency fades… you don’t react anymore… and you see clearly… no longer distracted. There it is, the world as it really is, without the ego. Pulsating, dancing, loving.

Yes, my friends, there… in the Silence and Stillness… your True Self awaits.

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