Feel your way back to Now

The poor mind. It studies, it tries to understand. It does its best, God bless it. It wants to help. It wants to be our friend, it has all the best intentions….

But no matter how much we think we know Who We Are, we cannot even begin to understand….

That’s because our minds have been conditioned to think that Who We Are is personal. But that’s not right, or fulfilling, or truthful. We are waaaay beyond the personal. We are eternal, we are forever, and we are blessed in every sense of the word.

No, my friends, if we want to find out who we really are, all we can do, all we have to do, is FEEL Ourselves. It’s that feeling of ALIVENESS, of being PRESENT, that sits underneath all our experiences.

And that’s a place the mind, sadly, cannot go.

So to feel this (finally!), we have to drop our mind’s story of who it thinks we are… just for a minute. Just for a second. And get back to the basics: we need to FEEL this presence and HONOR it, give it value, adore it.

Not with understanding (we’d never be able to explain it, anyway). No, we just have to Sit In It, Bathe In It, Show It that WE FOUND IT and that WE LOVE BEING WITH IT.

That’s all We Ever Looked For: This Moment.

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