Staying vigilant

What joy to find out that the present moment is all we every looked for!
But it’s not easy. Thoughts, plans, desires… even the slightest mental movement immediately blocks our connection to the Infinite.

It gets to the point that if we let one thought in, we might find ourselves busy all day, thinking and plotting and conniving… trying to find a way to get back to that peaceful center… and blaming the outside world for not giving it to us.

But the outside world can’t give it to us. We already have it! We just have to not give it away. We have to guard it, to protect it.

So we stand vigilant, at the doorway of our minds. No one gets through.
Not one thought, nary a notion… nothing that could spoil this blissful Unity.
We learn to stand vigilant. Day by day.

Hour by hour.




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