Reclaim Your Power

While most corporate communication sets out to control behaviors, communication that comes from higher consciousness wants something completely different. It feels called to empower others.

How does it do this? It reminds them of their hidden strengths. To give an idea of what I mean, here’s a famous story often told by spiritual teachers.:

Once upon a time, a hunter shot a mother lion. The baby lion was adopted by a nearby herd of sheep; it grew up eating grass, bleating like a sheep, and being terribly afraid of predators.

Many years later, a magnificent lion was stalking the herd. Strangely, it noticed a lion in its midst, acting exactly like a sheep. It ran into the group and snatched the young lion by the scruff of the neck. Naturally, the youth was terrified. “Baa, baa,” it cried in distress.

The magnificent lion proceeded to carry the youth to a nearby lake, and told him to look at its reflection. How surprised the lion cub was to see that it wasn’t a sheep at all!

He was then told, “You are a LION!”

From that day forward, the young cub reclaimed his power as King of the Jungle.

If you can do this with your advertising – if you can help reawaken others to their magnificence – imagine how grateful (and proud!) your clients, employees, and shareholders will be… just to be part of your company!

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