Higher Consciousness at Work

Higher Consciousness, or Superconsciousness, is that level of awareness we experience when our mind is in a calm and uplifted state. It is the hidden mechanism at work behind intuition and successful problem-solving. To access it, we must learn to calm our minds (often achieved through meditation), ask the Universe for guidance, and then listen carefully and disinterestedly… for the superconscious answer.

Creative people are often able to tap into this state, but in reality, everyone has the potential to experience superconsciousness. In most of us, though, it simply lies dormant, blocked by the rational mind… and the ego.

When deciding something, the ego always wants to know, “What’s in it for me?” But in a big company, this mentality is a recipe for disaster.

And this is where Higher Consciousness comes in. Imagine holding a meeting with different department heads, each with their own agenda. Instead of framing this as a competition — a war of personalities, if you will — Higher Consciousness simply asks the question:

“What wants to happen here?”

One person might answer, “Well, it seems the market is moving this way,” while another might say, “Well, we have these capabilities.”

Reframed from this point of view, each person is asked to see the “problem” from an impersonal point of view, in a more global way, for the good of the entire company. This gets everyone on board for the changes you will eventually propose together, as a team.

Try it and see if it doesn’t bring out new, creative, harmonious solutions — where before there was discord — for you and your entire company.

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