What Are We Striving For?

What are we all looking for: more security? more wealth? or something even greater, something more elusive… more LIFE?

One of the great side-effects of entering the spiritual path – whether it be through yoga or meditation – is an incredible increase in positive energy. If you have ever been lucky enough to meet a real yogi, it was undoubtedly the first thing you noticed. This amount of energy, in fact, is so beautiful that it convinces us that we too should strive for that amount of ALIVENESS.

This energy is so powerful and loving, in fact, that it sees only the positive qualities in others, never judges, wanting only the best for all — friends and enemies alike.

We all want to have an effect on the planet, but can we really do it with our own energy? What if you were to find an inexhaustible fountain of energy, waiting to help you… if you only asked humbly, trustingly… and lovingly?

Well, you can. You just have to become like this energy: generous, positive, helpful, and humble. It’s not just a question of believing it; you have to live it. In fact, the more you become similar to this energy, the more it flows into you… and through you.

I write “through you,” because a beautiful side-effect of this energy is that it is too much to contain… it overflows… it longs to share itself. It is unendingly generous. It is neither ego-centered nor mind-centered, but heart-centered; thus it gives freely of itself to all. Imagine having more energy than you can contain!

Jesus said: “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” That’s the kind of abundance, I think, that each of us is truly looking for.

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