At Home in Our Self

The busyness, the flurry of activity, the distractions… are falling away.

We’ve done enough for others, for now. This moment of self-quarantine gives us time to become friends with our higher Selves again. We have run out of excuses, finally. We are alone with our Selves.

We are invited to take these days to sit quietly and sift through those traumas, those certainties, those fears that have been keeping us in a state of agitation for so long… keeping us on the run.

The stillness, the not-knowingness, the timelessness… these are all a part of your Higher Self. Allow them. Embrace them. Adore them.

Let “Doing” no longer define you. It is too small for You. Let the “Being” part of you come back in.

It’s that part of you – the exquisite, unknown, silent part of you – that you’ve been hiding in the cellar all these years. Slow down, make friends with your “Being” again, and marvel at how satisfying your life becomes… without “doing” anything.

Who would have ever guessed that “being-ness” was what we were always searching for?

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