Addicted to Approval

In these weeks of social distancing, I feel we are being weened off of a hidden attachment to others’ approval. It took a virus to help us see how much of our self-definition and sense of personal value has been tangled up in how much we ACHIEVE and how much we PRODUCE… for others.

Perhaps a new definition of PRIDE is being born: the ability to sit with ourselves and enjoy our own company… no longer needing to go into the hall of mirrors – of others reflecting back to us a sense of worth. We have been too dependant on what others think of us… and not enough of what we think of ourselves.

It’s like we took a trip to go stay with a dear friend for a few weeks… but the friend was ourself… and we are forced to discover who we really are… and what we’re really worth.

Without others. Alone… and SHINING.

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