Becoming A Special Nobody


I hope we can all find some time today – whether during a walk in the park or quietly doing the dishes – to be Absolutely Nobody for a moment. A “Nobody” with no plans, no regrets, no story…

Nothing to see here. Just a Human Being enjoying its Being-ness.

See how relaxing it is? See how peaceful it is, just to drop everything for a minute and just BE? Finding this moment of inner peace, why… it’s so special… it may be the most productive moment of your day!

And you’ll have “Nobody” to thank for it.

If you’re able, you might try to maintain this “Nobody-ness” even longer – while ironing, eating, or even working. Notice how you can still do everything just as well as before, only now in a very relaxed way? You’re not “Somebody” in a hurry. You’re not doing it for “Somebody,” or in the hopes of becoming “Somebody.” It’s just happening. You even stop taking credit for it.

That’s because, all you can really say this time, is “Nobody did it… and I just watched… and I feel special

“Now I’m a Special Nobody!”

One thought on “Becoming A Special Nobody

  1. Very nicely explained what it means real detachment that brings freedom, victory and joy, despite not easy to apply at all. Once attained though, one can become totally free.


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