True Self-Love

Sure, you don’t know what’s going to happen, but then again… neither does anyone else. So where do you start?

Trust your Body, it knows what it wants to wear, to eat, to do. Don’t stand over it, telling it that it’s wrong, or stupid. It’s much smarter than you think. A doctor friend of mine says, “The body never lies: every symptom is a message.”

Trust your Intuition, it’s trying to guide you. It’s actually much smarter than you are, more alive, more attuned to reality. Listen to it. Don’t try to correct it, interrupt it with opinions, or babysit it.

Trust your Heart, it wants to love, above all else. Don’t mock its vulnerability. It needs your encouragement. Your support. Your vote.

You alone know how you want to feel… so try to tune into that. Set your compass. Now just relax and let your super-qualified self lead the way. Show yourself how much you love yourself… how ready you are to be trusted…

by trusting YOURSELF.

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