In and out of reception

Ever found yourself in a rural area looking for cellphone reception? There you are, walking in circles, muttering to yourself and waving your phone around like a crazed water-diviner. Just a mother-loving bar, for Pete’s sake!

That’s a good metaphor for our lives. We’re looking for a “good connection”… with the Universe.

How do we know when we’ve found it? We feel it… that magic of the present moment…. that unexplainable joy. We weren’t imagining it… we really got it!

Hold on, now… there’s the mind chiming in again, trying to take us out of range. It says the reception is “better” over there: past, future, worries, griefs… trying to interrupt this blessed connection again. But this time we don’t listen. This time — without the mind — we discovered where the connection was strongest all by ourselves: Right Here.

The intuition tells us when we’re in range — not the mind — we just have to remember this blissful feeling. One bar, two bars, three bars, then four.

Ahh, connected again!

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