Learning our lessons

Here it comes again… the old same lesson. Will we continue to resist it, to carry it, no matter how burdensome it becomes?

Maybe it’s not heavy enough yet…. Maybe we can outwit it one more time.

Friends, when you’ve truly had “enough”… do yourself a favor. Show yourself a little love. Take a second (that’s all it takes!) to ask the Universe (even if you don’t believe in It!), to show you What You’re Resisting… what you need to learn. Just ask.

It’s not your fault. You were just holding onto some certainty that you were given at a young age… a simple misunderstanding. The roof won’t cave in, I promise. “Universe, show me where I might be mistaken here,” is a good start. Then sit and listen. Or don’t. The first book you pick up, the next YouTube video that catches your eye, will tell you everything you need to hear.

Trust me on this. The Universe wants your freedom even more than you do.

Otherwise, sure, play it out one more time in 3D…. You get all the chances you want. But why not at least lower your head one time and admit that your “certainty,” the one you inadvertently picked up as a five-year old child, might not be the gospel truth.

Just ask. That’s all I’m sayin’.

Many blessings!

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