Spending Wisely


Attention is all we have, really. We give it to our problems, to our devices, to the news. We throw it away, forgetting its value. What are we giving our attention to today? Why not give it to the feeling of Aliveness?

Remember the fragrance of the earth after a rainstorm? The sound of trees applauding in the wind? The way water drops glisten on the leaves? The feel of grass against our bare feet?

We did when we were children: we remembered Aliveness. It was everywhere. And even more, we were friends with something even greater: Our sense of wonder. Our consciousness. Our Inner Self.

After years of being lost in the 2D world, (TV and internet), with occasional forays into the physical 3D world, aren’t we ready for 5D?

Whenever we’re able to stay in that silent, unknowing space that comes to us in nature––while watching clouds pass, say, or stars twinkle––we slowly begin to notice a sense of presence, an awareness of space….

That part that remembers what it Feels Like To Be Alive. That FEELS it. That remembers its Glory.

We can re-enter the Universe. We can remember, listening to sparrows, catching sunrays, smelling fresh-cut grass. Together with the Universe, we can rediscover that loving companionship we’ve both been missing. It’s like a friendship we forgot about, that we got distracted from.

Anyone can get there. But only if we give it our full attention, our precious bandwidth. Our hearts.

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