Starve the monsters

You have all the power. You have your attention, and your attention is food. The next time you feel afraid, or worried… practice not feeding it, no matter how scary it is.

Instead, hold onto that Inner Child that looks like it needs your protection. Tell the Fear you’re too busy hugging your child to run away, this time. Look away, look down… and hold your beautiful, innocent heart. Protect it from the monster.

When you look up again, the Fear will no longer be there. It wasn’t real, it was just there to test you.

It’s a funny thing. Our Inner Child looks weak, but is actually the strongest part of us. In the past, we let go of it and ran away, and in doing so, unwittingly fed the Fear.

But suddenly, everything is different. When we finally feed the Inner Child, we realize that we can’t fight the fear alone.

We need the Inner Child’s help.

That’s right, friends. All this time… we’re the ones who actually needed its protection. So hold onto your Inner Child with all your might…

and let the monsters feed elsewhere.

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