When there’s nothing left to lose

Follow the mind’s instructions, check. Do everything according to plan, check. But darn it, here we are again, feeling we didn’t quite get the lasting happiness we were promised….

Is it possible the mind just can’t take us there? That it’s only bluffing when it tells us it can make us happy?

Maybe today, out of sheer boredom, we’ll be exasperated enough to wander into the unknown…

… entering that dimension outside the mind, where nothing is familiar… where life talks to us and guides us… through brand-new territories of feeling and intuition our poor minds could never understand, let alone offer.

Magic “off-road” places, full of wonder, joy and surprise… beyond the mind’s map, where the streets have no name and the only guidance system…

… is a wise, ancient, beautiful heart, like a rusty compass of old… waiting for us to open it up, dust it off… and trust it once again.

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