A new definition

We usually think of PRODUCTIVITY as a matter of how much we accomplish, how much we accumulate. How much We Get Done.

Then one day we reach a breaking point. We have to admit that — despite the heroic efforting, pushing, and sweating — we just keep attracting the Same Old Situations, the Same People, the Same Hardships.

We eventually realize we have to change tactics. It’s time to heal something inside us that’s broken, something that keeps repeating… keeping us trapped, holding us down.

We have to start healing.

Now, healing is funny, because… while it looks like you’re sitting in a field, doing nothing, being horribly unproductive… in reality, you are doing Something Very Productive: You are healing on a cellular level. You are learning How To Be With Your Self.

And as you begin to give your inner Self the time and attention it so desperately needs, you stop asking everyone else to give it to you. You see how you giving yourself value changes the way others see you.

All it takes is for you to make healing yourself a priority… to see its incredible productivity. I mean, what could be more productive than learning to Love Your Self… all over again?

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