Too Small For Me Now

It happens to all of us. One day we’re talking to a friend and the conversation turns to certain beliefs that we ourselves held… but suddenly, today, we can’t agree with anymore.

Maybe it’s an idea about the world being dangerous, or people being stupid. Or maybe it’s that the world owes us happiness. Whatever it is, we especially notice it when it’s a core issue. One of those thoughts that hold lots of other thoughts up. Like the idea that I should worry every day about saving the Earth. But suddenly, the conviction doesn’t make us feel better anymore… or more informed, or superior. We can see how much it hurt us… how much it worried us, kept us in a state of anxiety.

Today, that same thought just makes our hearts sad. We were stuck in a rut, but now – for whatever reason – we’re being released. We don’t judge our friends, or correct them… we just notice the small change. It’s like a “click” happens.

We look away, and it’s as if we’re looking over the roof at where we used to live. We know we won’t be able to live in a box that small anymore. We stand up straight, grow a little taller, a little wiser, a little lighter.

We’ve just discovered how limiting a single thought can be.

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