Supporting each other’s habit


As you float
Down the River
You’re trying to find
Your place
Your purpose.
We all are.

Because you think of yourself
As a drop
You see others
As drops, too.

You notice differences
Give them a name
Separate them out.
You see some as friends
Some as enemies
Some are stuck in an eddy
Some are roaring down the rapids
You give each other reality
As you compare progress
You each keep an
Eye on each other
As drops.

If your companions are loyal
They return the favor
Seeing you, too
As a drop.
Together you play
“I’m over here.”
“I’m over there.”
“I’m in front.”
“Now I’m in front.”
For a minute
You depend on each other
To not feel lost
In this scary river.

Eventually, each drop
Passes you by
Or falls behind.
And for a moment
Here “you” are again
Without reference
Without a mirror
Alone and unseparated.
Confused and
Without footing.
Just an unreflected miracle
Floating in space.

Why are you crying
Dear friend?

I know,
You didn’t want to become
Unseparated alone.
What if the River
Swallows you up?
Who will you be
Without others
To tell you
Where you are.
Who will remember
Your dropness?

This game of separateness
Could only go on
For so long.
You always knew that.

I mean, it’s not like
You ever had
That much control.
And besides
Mirrors are too fleeting
To be counted on.

Without others
To reflect you
You’re not a special drop anymore
How sad.
Maybe you’re not even
A drop!

Without the distraction of
Trying to survive
Keeping separate
You begin to notice
Something new

You relax
You begin to trust in
The river Itself.

And wait
What’s this?
What if you
And the River
Aren’t even

You’re not small
And scared
But huge
And fast.
Now it’s no longer
A story of drops
Always looking back
Comparing yourself
(how irrelevant was that?).

No, now you’ve become
Something bigger
You have a
New identity
An exciting story
You’re busy
Reveling in
Your Glory.
Your Power.
Your River.

How beautiful
You are.
Look at you flow!

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