Forgive yourself, change the world.

Why are we so quick to judge others? How quick we are to call someone a “racist,” a “loser,” “lazy,” or an “A-hole”!

What if, all the time, we’re only looking in a mirror?

I once read that if you want to find out someone’s defects, let them speak for five minutes. Listen to what they judge. They think they are talking about “others,” but in effect… they are not.

They are talking about their own defects. Defects they haven’t accepted. Defects they’re ashamed of. So they put them outside… onto others. They judge these defects in themselves, then blame others for doing them.

And doing so, create a hostile world.

Whenever you hear someone ranting, instead of agreeing with them, or telling them their anger is justified… send them compassion. And do the same thing when you find yourself ranting about others, as well. Notice it. Own it. Our anger is simply based on our own unconsciousness.

All can be forgiven, if you forgive yourself for holding certain beliefs, adopting certain behaviors. “There but for the Grace of God, go I,” goes the phrase. Anything you judge, you might be capable of yourself.

And the funny thing is, once you forgive that behavior in yourself, you’ll know it. How? That behavior simply won’t bother you in others anymore.

So, if we truly want to rid the world of racists, losers, and A-holes… we can do no bigger favor to the world…

…than look within, forgive ourselves, and watch how PEACEFUL the world becomes.

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