Loving the Unloveable

As children, all of us were desperate for attention. Then, sooner or later, it happened… Mom and Dad were busy with something else, we felt alone, vulnerable and exposed… and that’s when the ego stepped in to protect us.

Yes, the ego. Remember, it promised us we could be protected from suffering, that we would never have to be vulnerable? Many of us decided to never become attached to anyone again. “It’s just too painful,” we decided. “Maybe it’s because we’re unlovable,” we thought.

Luckily, there’s a much stronger part of us that can’t tolerate such strict detachment: the soul. It needs to love and be loved. We can’t see it, but we sure can feel it.

And so, sooner or later each of us finds ourselves between a rock and a hard place: on one side, an overprotective ego, terrified of intimacy… and on the other, an innocent soul… that craves it.

The great screenwriter Aaron Sorkin says he develops his characters based on what they want most, then creates storylines in which the characters frustrate each other’s desires.

So the great drama in our lives is… How much ego protection can we keep… before our souls rebel? And how much intimacy can we withstand… before our egos crumble?

How much pain can we withstand… before we step up…

…and love The Unlovable?

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