Nothing else satisfies

In this moment of lockdown, many of our favorite pastimes – travel, shopping, sports, restaurants, get-togethers – are no longer available. We still have books, movies, Netflix, food, politics, and lots of other things vying for our attention, but… if we’re able to whittle down our hunger for stimulation and stay open and ready-like-a-third-baseman-in-the-bottom-of-the-ninth, we might notice something new.

Many of those pastimes were simply meant to “pass-the-time,” keeping us from sensing this quiet, inner state of being we all possess… that light, happy feeling… always present, always full, always “enough.”

That “fullness” is our true nature… and it’s what we’ve been looking for all along… if we just don’t get caught up in temporary, sensory attractions. It’s like finding the unchanging ground upon which all else lies… the blackboard under the chalk marks… the screen behind the movies… the blue sky behind the clouds.

So let’s take advantage of this lockdown, turn off the world for a moment, sit quietly… and locate this beautiful, inner, divine light. Without turning everything else off, we’ll never be able to find it!

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