What is love?

“Life is waiting for you to love it, not for you to understand it.” –PG Caselli

Trying to understand what invigorates us, what makes us feel alive, is tantamount to killing it. There’s really no way to understand love, control it, or know when and where and how much of it is coming. So let’s just give up understanding love… and start enjoying it again, like a giddy child, like a roly-poly, tail-wagging puppy.

In fact, thinking that we even know where love comes from limits it drastically. It’s as if the whole universe is trying to love us, but thinking we know better, we tell It that love can only come through a certain person in a certain way at a certain time and place… otherwise we’re not having any of it.

So here we are, stopping and starting every three seconds, counting our pennies… shamefully driving around in first gear… with the parking brake on.

Since this discussion is so all-important, shouldn’t we all be asking ourselves…

Do I really need to understand love to receive it (and can it even be understood)?

How long must I wait until my heart is finally convinced that Love is Real (and not all in my head)? And…

Is love really limited?

Let’s find out. Once we drop understanding, keeping accounts, settling for less, we can finally ditch the parking brake, rev up the motor… and start receiving love from everyone and everything again!

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