Please turn it off!

When we’re afraid of life, we try to remain in control at all times. We grab any available information, no matter how irrelevant or tangential, and use it to soothe ourselves. We tell ourselves we know where we are: we have the numbers!

Covid Deaths. Election Recounts. Straw Polls. Market Swings. Sports statistics. On and on the information flows, regurgitated, forgotten, supplanted… never quite making sense, never quite put in context.

In Narcissistic lingo, it’s called “Induced Conversation.” That’s when someone holds your attention by talking constantly AT you, feeding you unimportant information, telling you what to think, how to feel, holding you prisoner. You feel caught in a spiderweb, engulfed in a discussion that never ends, never gets any deeper, and worst of all…

Never lets you change the diatribe into meaningful dialogue… say, a nice discussion about something you’re interested in, what you’re feeling, or what you’re discovering about life. You know, evolving.

No, that would be “dangerous.”

Aren’t we all ready to stop letting these attention-sucking laundry listers dictate how we feel every moment of the day? Deaths up, feel bad, deaths down, feel good. Switch it off, I say. Stand up for your Soul! Take a walk, take a moment, a breather… and ask your inner self:

Is this satisfying to you? What are we being fed here? Isn’t there something deeper, more nutritious, that you’d prefer? Something more… meaningful?

Oh my Soul… I love you too much to let you get numbed to death!

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